The Research Lab

The Research Lab provides an infrastructure and mentorship model to train an interdisciplinary cadre of scientists to study the social determinants of surgical health. The goal of The Research Lab is to provide a space for young investigators to develop cross-disciplinary academic partnerships that would otherwise be challenging to establish. The Research Lab liberates investigators from disciplinary norms and encourages creative problem-solving.

The Research Lab also aims to implement a robust public health monitoring and evaluation framework through which CSH can evaluate its progress towards its mission and vision of providing gold-standard surgical care for vulnerable Philadelphians.

Check out publications about CSH and other works on surgical equity by CSH authors here! 

Lab Meeting & Journal Club

The CSH Research Lab aims to better understand the patients we serve. We host monthly discussions where we discuss ongoing CSH research projects and host a journal club! Any students or residents interested in learning more about CSH, surgical disparities, health policy, and/or research methods are welcome. You can find here an archive of our past journal clubs.