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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) strives to be a driver and leader for DEI efforts across CSH by promoting organizational transparency, providing cultural responsiveness training for our members, enhancing community engagement, and centering the DEI perspective in CSH’s research and advocacy efforts.

Our Framework

Gather and report data on the Center's DEI efforts and workforce sociodemographics via periodic needs assessments

Promoting Transparency

Develop Center-wide trainings and team building exercises to counter unconscious bias and foster an inclusive environment

Cultural Responsiveness Training

Recruitment & Community Engagement

Ensure ongoing recruitment of a diverse CSH workforce and seek out new community relations with groups whose priorities align with improving surgical access to patients

Encourage academic discussion about DEI topics in the field of surgery and provide a DEI lens to CSH research and advocacy endeavors

Research & Policy Efforts

Who We Are

The Division of DEI  works to increase provider diversity and promote inclusivity within CSH. To achieve these goals, we conducted a survey to better understand the sociodemographic composition of our community.


Although the results of this first assessment are limited by a response rate of just 30%, these data provide an initial understanding of who we are as an organization as we strive to achieve greater diversity and inclusion.

Which of the following best describes your gender?

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Which of the following best describes your race/ethnicity?

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