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The Classroom is the curricular arm of CSH and is home to “Operation Equity: An Introduction to the Social Determinants of Surgical Health,” a lecture series that provides students with a broad overview of the factors that influence disparities in surgical care and outcomes.


Throughout the course, students will focus on the intersection between various patient identities and surgical care to critically consider how we as students, physicians, administrators, and everything in between can come together to provide patient-centric care that honors each person’s lived experience and helps to dissolve barriers to access, quality care, and disparities in outcomes.

If you’re interested in learning more about Operation Equity or other Classroom initiatives, please contact Mariah Boone (, Courtney Chappelle (, or Adora Moneme ( In the Spring of 2023, sessions will take place bimonthly on Tuesdays, from 7-8:30pm EST virtually. You can find the syllabus for Operation Equity here

Operation Equity Survey Data

​Check out some pre- and post-Operation Equity survey responses illustrating the efficacy of Operation Equity!

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