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Frequently Asked Questions


What if the team is not sure if the patient needs surgery? 

That's totally fine! We are happy to help the patient even if they just need a surgical consultation. 


What if the patient is uninsured? 

We specialize in helping patients apply for insurance to cover their surgical care! 


What if the patient doesn't speak English? 

We have a field on the referral form for this! Please indicate the patient's preferred language and we will call using an interpreter if necessary.  


We took pictures of the relevant clinical exam at clinic. Can we send those along? 

Yes! If your clinic uses PennChart, let us know that the images have been uploaded to the media tab in the patient's chart. You may also upload a photo using our secure website referral form.  


Should I tell my patient they are being referred to the Center for Surgical Health? 

You do not necessarily need to; we will explain everything about our program when we reach out to the patient. However, you are welcome to give your patient a heads up and let them know to expect a call from our phone number (267-702-5530).  


What happens after I submit a referral? 

CSH will initiate contact with the patient within 48 hours. Sometimes we will reach out to the referring provider to collect additional information. CSH will then help facilitate the next steps to help get the patient the surgical care they need. 


Can CSH help patients get recommended cancer screenings? 

Yes! Please use the referral form to let us know about the patient and their cancer screening needs too. 

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